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Read everything, if after reading it you still have questions please contact our chat or send an email to our team.

HELP General

Can I have more than one account?

No, we accept only one account per IP, if you are caught using more than one account you will have your account suspended and you may lose all your earnings.

How to participate?

Simple, register and you will be able to participate in our platform.

Can I change my wallet?

Yes, after your registration you can edit in your user panel.

Can I change my email?

No, your email cannot be changed, if you need it and it is urgent, contact support to help you.

Where does money come from to pay users?

Our site generates revenue from ads, adsenses, that's why we need people accessing our platform daily, so everyone wins.

HELP Transactions

How to generate wallet for deposit?

You won't need to do anything, your wallet will be generated at the time of your registration

How can I make my deposits and what coin to use?

To make deposits you need to be registered on our website, once logged in click on your balance to open a modal with your deposit wallet.

How long will it take for my deposit to appear on my balance?

Our deposits are confirmed after 3 confirmations on the network, so be patient.

Is it mandatory to make deposits on the platform?

No! The deposit is optional, only for our investment games or to advertise on our website (soon).

How do I withdraw my available balance?

Very simple, clicking on your balance will open a modal, you must go to the "Withdraw" tab and place your order, typing only the amount to withdraw, as your wallet is already registered in the system.

How long to receive my withdrawal?

Our payments are made manually to avoid theft, so it will be done in batches every 24 hours, with delays of up to 48 hours from the order date.

HELP Games free

How does the games work?

Our games are completely free with the exception of the lottery where you can purchase tickets if you wish.

What games are there on the platform?

At the moment we have a faucet, ptc, multiply, farm future and lottery, others will be launched soon.

How does the faucet work?

In our faucet, each user will be able to claim their bonus every 10 minutes and earn 1% for each referral invited to make their reinventions. Remembering that our faucet will also give you 1 ticket for each claim you make.

How does the Multiply work?

You must roll a die up or down, the minimum bet is 0.005 DOGE, your chance is from 0.01% to 98.89%.

How does the Pay to Click (PTC) work?

View our ads and receive a reward, it works as follows:
* Click in ads 10 seconds, receive 0.005DOGE per view
* Click in ads 30 seconds, receive 0.050DOGE per view
* Click in ads 60 seconds, receive 0.500DOGE per view

How does the lottery work?

Our lottery is weekly and tickets can be purchased costing only 0.01DOGE or win in the faucet in each claim. At the end of the weekly counter the result will be released within 2 hours and the winner will have their prize added to their balance.

HELP game Investment

Can I join?

Yes, you just need to be registered on our platform.

How do I get started?

To start it is very simple, after you have registered and logged in, take your DOGE wallet and make your deposit in the desired amount respecting the minimum values ​​in each game and network requirement.

what type of investment does the platform have?

Our platform has only FARM FUTURE available, soon we will have other investment games.

How does interest earn work?

You need to have a balance of at least 500DOGE, with that you will receive something around 0.0021087% daily on your balance, being 8% annual, if your balance becomes less than 500DOGE, you will no longer receive your interest.

How to work FARM FUTURE?

To start you need to invest 500 DODGE amount debited from your available balance.
After START you will win your first rocket.
Each rocket will collect stones every 30 minutes.
Each rocket collects different amounts, the better the level of the rocket, the more stones it collects.
You can collect them all at any time.
Every 50 stones equals 1 CYBERDOGE.
What is cyberdog?
Is a token that serves exclusively for the purchase of rockets, you can acquire by selling your collected stones or using your deposited DOGEs.